Fast Facts

  • ANE can be both genetic and non genetic. Genetic cases are susceptible to recurrence.
  • It is a severe & rapidly progressive acute disease.
  • ANE is typically triggered by virus most commonly influenza. Other viruses include HSV6, varicella, rubella, measles, rotavirus, enterovirus, coxsackie 9 and now Covid19. ANE on the rare occasion can be triggered by bacteria.
  • It particularly affects previously well children.
  • Typical viral symptoms (fever cough etc) rapidly progress to neurological signs including seizure & coma.
  • Bi Lateral thalamic lesions are a distinctive feature on MRI
  • Outcomes can include severe cognitive dysfunction, cerebral palsy, vision and speech issues.
  • Mortality is high and almost all survivors are left with Acquired Brain Injury
  • The exact pathogenesis is unknown.
  • It is a highly under recognised Rare disease that is often misdiagnosed.

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