ANE In The Media

The world’s first published case report of Covid19 and ANE. A video explaining the case by the treating physician.

Jacob, a cheeky 3 year old from Norwich who had ANE at 19 months old.

Daniel, whose family had already experienced the loss of his sister to ANE before he was born, fights his own battle with ANE.

Silas and his family from Germany, they also feature in our story page with their own website.

Lucy, a little girl from Australia who is the inspiration for world first research.

Isaac and his beautiful family from Brazil.

Blake and Sophie in the UK who are both fighting significant disability in their journeys with ANE.

Kivvy and Elora two little girls who both stayed at the same hospital when they were fighting ANE.

We invite you to read these stories and get a closer look at the personal journeys of ANE in media articles. These can be found on the ANE International website at ANE in the Media –

ANE Awareness Day 2020 – #ANEandUs

ANE Awareness Day 2020 #ANEandUs

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