Grief Awareness Day

Sometimes even the brightest of days can be dark when the difficulties of life rear their ugly heads. But there is a silver lining to this, there are those that are willing to help us through these darker days. This is all about looking at grief, and raising awareness both of how to cope with grief, and how to help others cope. So look around and offer that helping hand, lend an ear and join us on Grief Awareness Day to show those around us that we are here for them.

To truly understand how to help people, including yourself, cope with grief, sometimes it is best to try and understand exactly what grief is. It is usually in response to the loss of someone or something important in your life. Many times bonds of affection or love exist that make it that much harder to cope with influx of emotions. Yet many of us forget the cognitive, social and philosophical difficulties that can come from losing someone close to us.

Let’s take a minute to honour the grief that all members of ANE International. Let’s be there for them. While you may not be clinically trained, you can help people out in our own ways. Whether it is with jokes and laughter, or a comforting presence and a warm meal. Each of us can help those in grief in different ways.

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