Dr. Rumey on Neurological Signs in a Viral Illness.

We have been fortunate to speak to some physicians that have treated ANE patients. Here is Dr Peter Rumey MD from Holland Bloorview Rehabilitation Hospital and his words regarding neurological symptoms and ANE.

On treating a recurrence in a patient with a previous ANE episode.

I am not sure I could be specific about warning signs for ANE specifically for MD’s in the ER , but I would say that in the case of families who take their child in for assessment when they are concerned about a deterioration in their child, if there has been a history of this and ANE in the past, highlight this and draw the parallels to the physician’s attention.

On treating a previously well child that has unusual symptoms accompanying a viral infection.

If there is a sign of neurologic deterioration in your child with an acute illness, such as double vision, weakness in one arm or leg, a new limp, an inability to stand, walk, speak  or new drooling ( not related to teething) and the MD says it is just the flu.  Ask them to explain how this is the flu; when the flu in the past has not lead to a localized weakness or imbalance of neurological function.  Try to get them to take a second look and think outside of the box.  I hope that this is helpful.

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One thought on “Dr. Rumey on Neurological Signs in a Viral Illness.

  1. I would think you would need to be very persistent to get some doctors to think outside the box. Before one of my grand daughter passed that she needs to be the child’s voice. There was a few times they were going to send her and child home and mom stuck to what she felt and the child would end of having a seizure. Moms know there children but trying to convince a dr is hard sometimes


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