In Loving Memory


ANE is a sudden and devastating disease that leaves families often confused in it’s aftermath and this is especially true for our families that have lost a loved one to this devastating disease.  ANE targets mainly the pediatric population and being a high risk population which a disease such as ANE, the rate of lost lives is 30%. The death and loss of a child is frequently called the ultimate tragedy. Nothing can be more devastating. This is mainly due to the fact that the relationship between parents and their children is among the most intense in life. It feels unnatural to outlive a child. All bereaved parents lose a part of themselves.

This video is to honour our families and their loved ones.



#ANEandUs  #RareDisease #ANEawarenessday #Virus #cytokinestorm #braininjury #AcuteNecrotizingEncephalopathy   #ParentsToAnAngel


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