Thank You

Thank you for joining the #1stANEAwarenessDay  Patient advocacy never ends, so keep us in mind, keep supporting our families and spread awareness about Acute Necrotizing Encephalopathy .

Thank you to our families for sharing such personal stories and photos. Thank you for your support to ANE International, each other and all your contributions. WE WOULDN’T BE HERE WITHOUT YOU.

Thankyou to Dr Masashi Mizuguchi and Dr Derek Neilson, who have both been instrumental in bringing knowledge of ANE to where it is today.

Thank you to Alexander Palazzo, Dr Peter Rumney and the Blood Brain Barrier Baron for their contributions.

Thank you to Eleonora Passeri and the #RareSpecialPowers group who championed, coached and connected us to some wonderful resources. Eleonora, you are one special lady and we love you.

Thank you to Terry Denovan for his help on our ANE International  website, we wouldn’t be here without you today.

And a huge thank you to Mara Pianosi for your support, your wonderful art and our amazing new logo.

We would also like to acknowledge all our supporters on social media. This includes extended family, friends and all the Rare Disease Advocacy groups worldwide. Alone we are Rare, together we are Strong.

And a big thank you to Bruce and Glenn………..for their patience.




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